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This is more like a two-person journal. Jocey and Maggie post here to give people some needed respite from all the icons floating around of My Chemical Romance, Heroes, and Grey's Anatomy. We like Jersey diners, pop-punk, comic books, and movies you probably hate (but secretly think are awesome). This can be the place you go to find icons illustrating subjects ranging from Mario Kart to Kanye (mothafuckin') West. Our only requisite is that you leave a comment letting us know when you take something. Other than that, our 100 x 100 pixel pseudoart is yours to take and share!


Maggie and Jocey.

you_are_a_radio & songsheet

PS: Layout code are from reversescollide; header was made by Jocey. I don't know why you'd want to steal it, but in case you feel the urge, plz don't. ;)